My Bio

Welcome to Leebs Marketing Forecast!


Hello and welcome. My name is Chris Leeb, and I am happy to finally announce the launch of my website Leebs Marketing Forecasts! I am a 32 year old marketing forecaster from Toronto Ontario and I bring with me 10 years of stock market and investing experience! I decided to start this blog to help out my fellow Canadians in doing 2 things: predicting the stock market, and making profitable long term picks. I am in no way a trader, more of a long term investor but that doesn’t mean I won’t make the odd play if it is available to me.


Why I am qualified to start this blog


Well, I have never really been a fan of tooting my own horn, but I guess for purposes like this I kind of have to! I have amassed a portfolio of over $300 000 in dividend and dividend growth stocks in my short 10 years of investing by doing two things; making smart marketing decisions and being extremely frugal. I know I know, it’s not the best way of living life but as long as you’re enjoying it than who is to say otherwise? Another thing that may have helped me is I am currently single with no children and absolutely no debt. It would be hard to generate a portfolio this big in such a short time if those conditions were different.

I plan to blog as often as I can and as well as I can, and I hope my forecasts and opinions will help you improve the overall health of your investment portfolio and get you locked in to a better situation come retirement. Whether you are 19 or 59, you can use the information available to you on Leebs Market Forecast to help you grow your net worth. If you have any questions about me please feel free to send me an e-mail via my contact page. Whether it’s about investing or what I ate for dinner last night, I will be sure to reply within a weeks time! I’m sorry for the long deadline, I just am so pre-occupied with getting this site off the ground and improving my investment portfolio that sometimes time slips away.


Have fun, and see you on the floor!