The History of Apple

The History of Apple


When I was first learning how to buy stocks, (which by the way, was a long time ago) Apple was nothing more than a start up company looking to make a big splash in the tech market.Apple was founded in 1976 by three college dropouts, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Mr. Jobs and Mr. Wayne worked at the gaming company Atari and Mr. Wozniak worked for Hewlett Packard and spent a lot of time hanging out in Steve Jobs garage. They had incorporated Apple in 1976 but Wayne left and sold his share of the company for just $800 3 months after its inception. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak set a goal to develop a computer that was not only user friendly but small enough to put into homes and small offices.

What was Apples first computer?

In the beginning, the Apple 1 started out in Steve Jobs’ garage. The first apple was a DIY kit and did not include a monitor or keyboard and was sold for several hundred dollars; however, this equipment was added in 1977.

Then the Apple II was developed with color graphics in 1980. This changed the industry forever when it was launched to the public. The Apple II pushed sales to $117 million dollars and being the first all-in-one computer ever.

The fallout of Apple

Mr. Wozniak left Apple in 1983 and Mr. Jobs left in 1985 after he founded NeXT Software and purchasing Pixar from George Lucas which led to computer animation. Mr. Jobs then hired John Scully of Pepsi Co as President, which later may have been a mistake. Mr. Scully failed to cut a deal with Bill Gates to license Microsoft, which became their biggest competition.

Apple did well throughout the 1980s and in 1990 Mr. Jobs purchased a small company called Adobe which he set in motion to become desktop publishing before he left. By 1990s the company had peaked and by 1996 interest in Apple has dropped so low they were thought to be “done”.

The resurgence of Apple

In 1997 the company being desperate reached out to Steve Jobs for help at which time Mr. Jobs built an alliance with Microsoft to create a Mac or Macintosh version of its office software creating a graphical interface. This was a major move up for Apple, leading to the launch of the IBook, IPod and IPhone. These changes put Apple back in the industry as a viable competitor making this the most profitable part of Apples’ history. Steve Jobs and John Scully did not get along and Scully left the company stating that Jobs was relentless.
In 1998, Apple had two of the best characteristics. It was self contained and there was no complicated set up. It basically went from the box to the desk and one only needed to plug it in. This design made the Mac a best seller and they were selling faster than they were making them.

In 1999, the Apple I computer became the most collectible PC (Personal computer) of all time.

How is Apple doing today?

After becoming a pioneer in the computer industry multiple times and pushing the limits of technology past what was thought to be possible, Apple Inc continues to impact the marking leaving its mark. Today Apple continues to compete for the majority of the market and has continued to profit. Steve Jobs died October 5th 2005 but did not leave this world without his name being written down in the history books for our future generations to learn where their everyday handheld technology gadgets started and who was responsible.